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Work with a Seniors Real Estate Specialist® (SRES®)

As a Seniors Real Estate Specialist® (SRES®), REALTOR®, Susan Reeves, possess specialized expertise in assisting seniors with housing transitions. With tailored training, she can provide personalized guidance to seniors, understanding their unique needs and aspirations. From identifying post-sale living arrangements to navigating the entire process with ease, SRES® designees offer comprehensive support. Their commitment to ongoing education ensures clients benefit from the latest insights and resources. Choosing an SRES® facilitates downsizing and other transitions with confidence and ease, ensuring seniors achieve their desired outcomes while receiving expert guidance every step of the way.

Benefits of working with an SRES®

Susan Reeves is committed to ensure that you have a smooth transition.

  • SRES® offer tailored assistance based on seniors' unique needs and goals.
  • They understand the challenges and aspirations of older adults in real estate transactions.
  • SRES® help seniors identify post-sale living arrangements that suit their lifestyle.
  • They streamline the downsizing process, making it less overwhelming for seniors and their families.
  • From start to finish, SRES® provide comprehensive guidance and advocacy.
  • They assist with every aspect of the real estate journey, ensuring seniors feel supported at every step.
  • SRES® stay updated on the latest trends and resources in senior real estate.
  • Clients benefit from their expertise and access to the most relevant information.
  • SRES® have a demonstrated history of successfully representing the interests of home sellers aged 50 and above.
  • Seniors can trust in their experience and integrity throughout the selling and buying process.

Choosing an SRES® to assist with your real estate needs provides seniors with a trusted ally who understands their unique circumstances and is equipped to guide them through every step of the process with expertise, empathy, and integrity.


Susan Reeves, REALTOR®

Disclaimer: As Missouri Licensed REALTORs®, we will ask if you are working with another real estate agent under an exclusive representation agreement. If so, please be sure to tell us the date the agreement ends.

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